July 9, 2012

Matt and Alexandra's Honeymoon Registry

After the wedding, Matt and Alexandra will be spending a week in romantic Cartagena, Colombia and the nearby beaches of the Carribean. The majority of you all will be providing us with the best wedding present which is actually making the trek out to the Ecuadorian amazon to be with us on July 28- we are thrilled that you will not only be able to share this special day (weekend) with us, but also meet Alexandra's family and experience this area that we both love so much.  But if you'd like to do something more, we've selected a brief "honeymoon registry" of activities for our trip that people can contribute towards. Links go to a more detailed description of the restaurant, location, etc. This is South America, so it won't exactly be possible to pay directly to the hotel, restaurant, etc. Instead, we get to do it the simple way- PayPal (link at the bottom) or a check to 6545 Broad St. Bethesda, MD 20816 or Samaniego / Don Bosco y Pastaza / Macas, Ecuador. Please mention in your mail or PayPal which item you select, so we can make sure to send you a picture!  

Matt and Alexandra 


"A gorgeous city on Colombia's Caribbean coast, Cartagena is a veritable treasure trove of colonial architecture and 17th-century forts. A UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the safest spots in the country, the fabled city of Gabriel Garcia Marquez boasts many fine beaches, great restaurants and an entirely walkable historic old town."
NYTimes Travel Story

old town Cartagena

Cartagena activities:

Ceviche lunch $25

Canoe tour of the mangroves $60

Lunch at 5-star hotel / restaurante Santa Clara  $50

Dinner at Restaurante Club de Pesca  $60

Dinner at el Santisimo

Romantic Ride through old town in a horse-drawn carriage $25

Night out at Casa de la Cerveza $25

Night out at Donde Fidel Club de Salsa $25

Salsa Lessons for Matt! $25  (taken!)

Parque Nacional Tayrona

"The gem of the Carribean coast," Tayrona is a national park where the jungle covered mountains meet the waters of the Carribean. World class beaches, snorkeling, and relaxing. 
NYTimes Travel Story

While at Tayrona we will be staying at the Finca Los Angeles -
1 (out of 2 nights) at the Finca Los Angeles   $80

Photos of Finca Los Angeles, Santa Marta
This photo of Finca Los Angeles is courtesy of TripAdvisor

1 day entrance and tour of Parque Tayrona, with transportation and snorkeling rental: $70 (taken!)

Santa Marta

The historic city of Simón Bolívar, Santa Marta is located on the Carribean coast just outside of Cartagena. A Spanish colonial city (apparently the oldest in the Americas, founded in 1525), it is home to romantic charm, crystal clear waters, and miles of sandy white beaches. 

1 night at Casa Isabella Hotel $100

Lunch at Lulo Cafe Bar  $30

Dinner at El Espanolete $50

Photos of Restaurante El Espanolete, Santa Marta
This photo of Restaurante El Espanolete is courtesy of TripAdvisor